Author Topic: Matt Carpenter sign by Yankees.  (Read 40 times)

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Matt Carpenter sign by Yankees.
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Son just texted: "That dude is very cool. He did a baseball camp that [Grandson] Liam went to and was super nice".

Liam is not old enough to have watched Carpenter when Carpenter was really good for the local team, and Liam is a devoted Juan Soto fan. But he is likely to remember that Matt Carpenter was "super nice" long after numbers have faded out.

When I was a kid, Roy Sievers was every Washington boy's hero. It was even better that we knew that Roy used to play catch with kids who would come around his building, in the Kaywood Apartments, before he went downtown to Griffith Stadium. I think Tom Boswell, who is my age, wrote a column about being taken to meet Sievers at Hechts or Woodies. Boswell and his mom were late, but someone found Roy Sievers, who came back to where he had been signing autographs to shake young Tom's hand. It was well past time for Sievers to go home, and no one could have blamed him if he had, but Roy did. (I read that and thought, "Of course he did. That was our Roy").

It was not just that Roy Sievers broke the Nats record for home runs three or four consecutive seasons until he led the AL in homers and RBIs in 1957. It was who he was that made Sievers so important.