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Bad Managing By O's Tonight
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I'm watching the O's vs Rays game. Score is tied 5-5 in the bottom of the 10th. O's have 2nd and 3rd no outs. If the guy on 3rd scores O's win. Guy on 2nd means nothing. Rays have the infield up. O's batter hits a ground ball not hit hard to the left side of the infield where both the 3rd baseman and 2nd baseman are. The ball is between them but the 2nd baseman fields it off balance. The guy on 3rd is not running on contact. The second baseman throws the batter out. There is no way the fielder could of thrown out the runner at home if he's running on contact. The next batter hits a hard grounder to short where the guy on third is running on contact and he gets thrown out at home. Next batter flies out.

The O's announcers don't mention it but that's totally bad big league managing to not have the runner on third running on contact with no out. Say he is running on contact and gets thrown out. You still have the same situation. Winning run on 3rd with one out. There was no downside to the runner not running on contact with no out. Surprising at that level with multiple coaches in the dugout they blew it.