Author Topic: Follow the Prospects: Rodney Theophile, RHP  (Read 240 times)

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I'm having some fun with the Spanish coverage.  Lot's of stuff out of Nicaragua on him.  I haven't tried to speak or read Spanish since 1988, and didn't take it beyond a year in college, so it's quite rough.

Here's an extensive radio sports news article from 1 year ago:

I used the google translator for this one.  Points out his initial assignment after being signed was directly to state-side rookie ball (GCL), which is different from the usual path through the Dominican League first. It did not go well in 2018, then he had the TJS that cost him 2019.  However, due to the high value the "tecnicos" placed on him, he was assigned to lower class to start last year. BTW, the say Fredericksburg is in Texas (hey, at least they got the FredNats division right, with Baltimore, Cleveland, and Boston organizations). 

I'd be curious to know what "tecnicos" means - is it the scouts or the analytics guys?