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Re: The Nats are...For Sale?!?
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I’ll point back to the Post as I recall putting out interestingly-timed cautionary stories for Warner on the bonds right at the critical juncture, which I think played to Warner not wanting anything attached to him leading into his pursuits of further office. The problem was that had he signaled that it was an issue at any previous time, Virginia’s state-established stadium authorityreportedly had other options for pivoting, which resurfaced during the whole lease negotiation issues first and early 2005 and then later in 2006 (when Kaine was governor).

Why I don’t see him as a hero is because he didn’t have the pull that appeared to have been portrayed, which led to compromises and deals with the likes of Evans who could’ve very easily gotten a ballpark at the RFK stadium site which could’ve help keep the team viable rather than this shoehorned Metro-dependent ballpark width a litany of issues as far as viability that would not have been faster than RFK Stadium site. Case in point was the ridiculous claims that the RFK Stadium site could not be used because of national park service and contamination issues, yet the second they were bidding for the Redskins, it suddenly went back on the table.

“Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who was intimately involved with selecting Washington as a baseball city, had some second-guessing to do Tuesday on where the team will be located.

“Speaking at George Washington University, Reinsdorf recalled how Commissioner Bud Selig asked him and a group of other owners to select a city to relocate the Montreal Expos. “Whatever you do, don’t give me Washington,” he said Selig told him.

“That’s exactly what they did, although Reinsdorf said the decision had “nothing to do with my love for D.C.” (he got his bachelor’s degree from G.W. in the ’50s) but was “strictly business.

“Nevertheless, he said he preferred Northern Virginia over downtown due to its “better fan base.” Then he told the crowd, which included Nats principal owner Mark Lerner, that he “would have requested a different location” in the city.

““We were sold on the idea that there would be enough parking,” he said. “I’m afraid that’s not the case. I would have insisted on [the RFK site].””

I think if Warner had agreed to build the stadium as Williams did they absolutely would of picked Northern Virginia over DC. But MLB wanted the stadium paid for by the city because they didn't want to set a precedent of MLB paying for the stadium.

I think the only way the stadium went through was the sell that it would greatly help in the revitalization of that area which was a toilet at the time.

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Re: The Nats are...For Sale?!?
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LAC 8)

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Re: The Nats are...For Sale?!?
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I guess we can locl this now . . . ?