Author Topic: The Nats are...For Sale?!?  (Read 12146 times)

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Re: The Nats are...For Sale?!?
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Yep, another perfect sport for Ted. Baseball has a totally different profile
As much as I loathe Dan Snyder, even more now than I did 10 years ago, it struck me back then that Snyder was better suited for owning the Nats, while Lerner was  better suited to own the Skins/WFT. Even today as a real life Bond villain, Snyder in many ways could become a fan's dream as an MLB owner: deep pockets with a willingness to out spend other teams for players, boredom with and hands off a draft that doesn't involve the promise of an immediate impact player, desire to make a splash at trade deadlines and offseason by acquiring top FA targets, obsessive control over broadcasting. If Snyder was the owner, I could imagine a future where Nats fans would feel about him the way Don Henley felt about their Eagles manager: "He may be Satan, but he's our Satan."