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Re: The Weather - 2022
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For the interior and western portions of Virginia, the boundary is going to be Highway 15 which runs from Durham North Carolina, to South Boston and Clarksville, to Farmville, Zions Crossroad, Gordonsville, Culpepper and Warrenton, to Leesburg Virginia. From that line WEST, all the precipitation will stay frozen. There will be heavy significant snow accumulations in the Virginia Piedmont, east of the Blue Ridge, and there will be some ice mixed in for part of the storm. This may keep the snow accumulations below 10 or 12 inches but it will put a coating of ice on top of everything.

Southwest Virginia, WEST of a line from Lexington to Lynchburg to Danville, will see a major snowstorm out of this. There might be some ice near the North Carolina Virginia border in southwest Virginia but 95% of this event will be snow and the snow amounts will likely break a foot in most of these areas.
10. In the Shenandoah Valley from Lexington to Winchester, this will be primarily a snow event and the snow accumulations will HUGE, well over 12 inches in many areas, and some 16”+ amounts are possible. In central and western Maryland as well as the eastern West Virginia panhandle (Martinsburg and Charlestown ) and the eastern half of West Virginia significant snow accumulation is greater than 8 inches seem very likely.