Author Topic: Off-season roster moves 2021-22 (Non-Nats)  (Read 741 times)

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Re: Off-season roster moves 2021-22 (Non-Nats)
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I think it is more likely that we have 75 million locked up on the IL than 75 million on the staff performing at the 4/5 level. Corbin probably isn't a health problem, so call him a functional 5 if not in name.  I think that, in Rizzo's mind, he has Corbin / Gray / Ross at least penciled in, leaving one slot for a 4/5 and another for a 6+ depth guy to fill in if Stras can't pitch and Cavalli is not ready.  If I'm right, then one slot is planned for the winner of Rogers, Espino, Fedde, Voth and the other is planned for the runner up.

Personally, that looks at least one arm short, thus my wish they'd play for a Wood-level arm.
I think Stras will pitch more. I just think he wont be any good. So, basically, both Corbin and Strasburg will give you thr equivalent of a 4/5 on a ~.500 team.

I'll be disappointed if he pencils Ross into the rotation. He simply cant stay healthy enough.