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Re: Meanwhile in Mets-land...
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Mets owner Steve Cohen has been cited in a suit by minor league baseball player against MLB for back pay.

Cohen – responding to Mets fans angst over not signing 10th overall pick Kumar Rocker – tweeted on Aug. 1, “Education time – Baseball draft picks are worth up to 5x their slot value to clubs. I never shy away from investments that can make me that type of return.”

Obviously, the tweet was widespread with Cohen boasting over 225,000 followers on the platform. It caught the eye of Dr. Erica Groshen, a senior economic advisor from the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations and former Commissioner of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Groshen was hired by players to write an expert report on why MLB has been allegedly paying sub-minimum wage salaries.

“One recent indication of the value of a minor league player comes from Steven Cohen, owner of the New York Mets. He asserts that baseball draft picks are worth up to five times their slot vale to Clubs,” Groshen wrote.