Author Topic: Nationals Prospect Reports / Minor League Rankings 2022  (Read 2344 times)

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Open to suggestion as to whether to do just a 12/31 break for this thread or to push it back a few posts to capture post-season posts.

As for next year, this may be kind of obvious, but rated the Nats farm the 5th most improved from last offseason.

Even without Gore or Abrams as prospects, they say that between the draft (Elijah Green in particular) plus Hassell, Wood, and Susana, 5 of the top 9 Nats prospects were not in the system entering camp last year (Bennett being the other draft choice not mentioned).  I guess Vacquero also wasn't in the system until last January, so that would be 6 of the top 9 at this time last year.

BTW - Jeter Downs slots in at #29, Thad Ward at #13.

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Going to lock this and start a new one for 2023