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Re: Zuckerman on Nats fielding
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The Wikipedia explanation of DRS is actually pretty good:

Basically, zero is average, and it's a counting stat - meaning the more you play, the higher a number you'll have if you're good and the lower (more negative) if you're bad.  It's based around the concept of assigning point values for the probability of making a play: an error on an easy play is very bad for your rating; an error on a very difficult play matters a lot less, for example.

But for part-time players, you need to scale it up.  For example, -9 DRS (Yadiel) is bad for a full season but not murderously bad.  But for 48 games, it's horrendous.  Similarly, Zimmerman's 5 DRS at 1B is pretty impressive considering he didn't play that much out there.  (That's what the related "DRS/yr" stat does - scales it to a full season's worth of games to make comparisons easier.)

As for this team, the results seem to mostly match the eye test: Soto was about average, Thomas is a bad but not unplayably bad CF, and Kieboom is an absolute butcher, for example.