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  we should have traded this fella a few years ago.

Are you saying after his sucessful MiLB career before he flamed out in his MLB debut because anytime after that we would have received the proverbial bag of balls.

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I just wanted a repectable team this season and enough competitive personnel to hover around .500. At this juncture I believe we will be in the 2008-2009 realm . The pitching staff is one or two injuries away from a 100 + loss season. I just wanted to be entertained this season not frustrated every night like August and September of last year. The FO could have picked up a LF and a 3B

My prediction is Kiebust is done as a MLB player because of his UCL.

I was with you in wanting a 500 team.  This season will be over very fast.  Just being a decent team has enormous value - hang around .500 till the all star break and everyone remains engaged and enjoys being in the hunt - even though it might be a long shot.  The season being essentially over in April and may loses fans almost the whole season.  This team - despite a solid middle of the order that includes the otherworldly Soto - is going to be a dumpster fire and over very quickly.   A shame drafting and player development has been so stagnant for the past couple of years.  Important off-season will follow though to start getting things turned around.