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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 2
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Never heard of that dude.

I had his baseball card. Power hitting 3B, but, at least my impression, a soft fielder. Remember that Washington kids hardly ever saw National League players. Just the All Star Game and the World Series. Reds traded Don Hoak, a tough 3B, to Pittsburgh. Looked it up: Reds bungled badly. Traded Hoak, Harvey Haddix, and Smoky Burgess for Thomas and some extras. Hoak, Dick Groat, and Bill Mazeroski were the Pirates World Series infield in 1960. Haddix pitched the 12-inning perfect game. Burgess was their starting catcher.

But Mitlen could tell us about Thomas and Hoak.

Come to think of it, Jim Brosnan probably gives us stories about Frank Thomas in his book, "Pennant Race". Also take a look at Brosnan's "The Long Season". Brosnan probably wrote himself out of baseball, but I don't know anything better to tell MLB inside out.