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Kyle Schwarber
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From The Athletic. More than a little on Schwarber's work with Kevin Long until he was hurt. I cut out the bulk of the article, which is about the Cubs.

By Sahadev Sharma 6h ago 26


“I think that’s the grace that a 162-game season (affords),” Schwarber said. “Even this year I started off slow. I don’t know the numbers, but I know I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do. But I was able to pick things up as the season progressed. I made the adjustments and made some changes.”

The changes Schwarber speaks of began over the winter when Nationals hitting coach Kevin Long came to work with the team’s latest addition.

“In 2020 I was just way too upright,” Schwarber said. “I was not in my legs at all and was jumping out to the front side. I told (Long) what I wanted to do and he had ideas. We were able to kind of mix those ideas together and come up with a plan.”

It didn’t click right away, as the numbers show. But slowly Schwarber started to find his rhythm as he continued to tweak and figure out what would work.

“I was really squatting to start spring training and into the season,” Schwarber said. “As time passed, you feel the things you want to feel, I was searching for it a little bit more and I just progressively came up a little bit and I found a happy medium. Just to be able to feel like you’re not all the way down and stuck versus being too upright and now you’re not in your legs. That was what we worked on as the season went along.”

Schwarber went on an absolute tear in the month of June, putting up a 183 wRC+ while slugging 16 homers. For a period of time, he was the talk of baseball and the hottest hitter on the planet. It wasn’t too dissimilar, results-wise, from how he looked at points with the Cubs, but Schwarber believes this was years of work finally clicking at once.

“There are definitely differences,” Schwarber said of what he’s doing now compared with the 2019 stretch when he posted a 153 wRC+ over his final 253 plate appearances. “There’s still the same qualities and the stance is right. But just a little bit more mechanically sound from ’19 to now. It just kind of got out of whack in (2020) and I tried to make the adjustment and it just didn’t click.”

Early in July as the Nationals continued to struggle, Schwarber went down with a hamstring injury. During the month, he kept tabs on if he’d be traded while also following his old team from afar. While at the All-Star Game in Denver, Schwarber joked that Nationals reporters barely talked to him while Chicago media surrounded him to try to get his reaction to his former team’s potential teardown.


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Re: Kyle Schwarber
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I think Long has helped Bell also.  He looked lost early in the year. His swing seems quicker now. More wrists and less of the arms.