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Re: Strasburg Contract
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I also thought, well, maybe they can throw strikes down the middle, more or less, but can't throw to the unhittable spots. My conclusion: Strasburg is not hopeless. On the hopeful side, he was pitching well early this season. Harvey had lost it for several years before TOS.
You guys are really analyzing these numbers based on a tiny sample size!    It seems the Drs think that TOS isn't really a syndrome, but a series of symptoms caused by a genetic abnormality.  It's not like surgery to fix something torn like Tommy John or ACL reconstruction.   The surgery doesn't fix TOS, it removes bones with the hope of the nerves being able move around unimpeded.   The nerves will have to heal, and then see if he can pitch without irritating them again.

My take from trying to be a Google Dr is that it has been a last gasp kind of attempt to help guys who deal with these kind of nerve issues.   It seems a surgery that is growing in acceptance and Drs might be figuring out how to use it on pitchers effectively.  A lot of the pitchers seem to be end of career guys struggling for a while, and giving a hail Mary surgery a shot to see if it can help them.