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Re: Strasburg Contract
« Reply #50: October 19, 2021, 09:07:16 AM »
I think it is the lack of precedents for a successful resumption of pitching after Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) surgery for nerve relief that has people assuming the worst.  It's not that there's a bad history, it's that there's little to no history.  The link says TOS surgery's been done on pitchers fewer than 20 times for either what Harris had or what Stras had, and we happen to have 2 of them.,two%20main%20types%20of%20TOS.

The article is dated about a year ago (9/15/2020). The list of those who have had it isn't impressive.  It incudes:
Phil Hughes, Jaime Garcia, Chris Young, Tyson Ross, and Chris Carpenter. Chris Archer of the Pittsburgh Pirates was just diagnosed in 2020 and underwent surgery in June.
  Add in Matt Harvey. 

But, this sounds optimistic, almost:
A study in 2017 assessed 14 MLB pitchers undergoing TOS surgery. 77% returned to MLB after an average ~ 11 months following surgery. Pre and postoperative career data showed no significant differences in traditional pitching metrics, including ERA, WHIP, and strikeout-to-walk ratios.