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Follow the Prospects: Darren Baker, 2B
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From the Post:

It was the 10th round this July. Darren’s adviser had told him he may not be drafted until the next day, but Darren felt he’d waited long enough. Last summer, the draft was shortened to six rounds, leaving Darren to choose to sign as an undrafted player or go back to Cal.

But in Washington, General Manager Mike Rizzo told a room of scouts and front office staffers that if Darren wasn’t taken, he was their guy. No one questioned that. At 6 feet and 180 pounds, Darren is a left-handed contact hitter with speed, a strong glove and no power (yet). His numbers spiked this spring — 73 hits, a .402 on-base percentage, 28 steals — and to explain why, Darren nodded to Dusty’s lesson of swinging at more in-zone fastballs. Dusty felt it was fitting, too, that the Nationals gave Darren a chance.

“What I like is that they’re not just straight sabermetrics,” Dusty Baker said. “ … They’re a combination of old school and new school and I think that’s a perfect place to realize his talents. Everybody else is saying he’s not strong, he’s not hitting the ball out of the ballpark. He will. And if he doesn’t, he’s still a leadoff man-type at this point in time, a speed guy."