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Re: CBA Negotiations- 2022
« Reply #75: January 14, 2022, 08:47:13 AM »
Some details on todays session. Some movement by the owners:

It's interesting that now MLBPA wants to shorten the service time needed for free agency.  Marvin Miller used to boast after the Messersmith decision that the smartest thing he did was to stagger free agent eligibility rather than have every player be a free agent as soon as they were out of contract.  He said that by having players not eligible for FA until after 6 years and having arbitration, he ensured there'd be a scarcity of good players available and would create bidding wars.  Maybe that used to be true, at least until analytical types began to understand age curves and the value of players under their team controlled years, and before the luxury tax created incentives not to just buy everyone.