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Small Things Matter
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I watched the first inning of the Orioles game today. The Orioles had 2nd and 3rd with one out. The Red Sox brought the first baseman and third basemen up and the 2nd and shortstop back. The Orioles didn't get another run in but the infield alignment didn't come into play.
I then turned to the Nationals game. In the second inning the Braves had 2nd and third with no out. The number 8 hitter was up with the pitcher on deck. The Nats played first, second and short back. The batter hit an easy ground ball to first with the runner on third scoring. The pitcher was next and struck out pitifully. No other runs scored.
In that situation if the Nats had the same defensive alignment as the Red Sox no runs would have scored. They gave away a run because they didn't have the proper defensive alignment especially with the pitcher up next.
Small thing matter.

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Re: Small Things Matter
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The last two seasons, lots of fundamentals and choices seem to be wanting way too often