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Looking back, Joe Mauer's prime numbers don't even look real.

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That is one more than the Giants have.

JCA Note - this conversation started in a GDT about Nats underperforming their historical offensive production.  It got twisted a bit into whether Posey and other catchers measure up to HoF standards based on their offense.  The overall hall-worthiness of Posey, Mauer, and I'll add Molina is a fun discussion. First ballot, eventually in, borderline. Throw in any other catcher since the turn of the century if you want to make your case, other than Wil Nieves
I would argue that WAR adjusts for real value regardless of position, so the relative position argument doesn’t hold water. Just because athletes don’t play catcher and there haven’t been many great  caychers lately is no reason to denigrate other positions.
Anyway for catchers:
Average hof WAR is 53.8 for catchers
Molina WAR 41.4
Posey WAR 43.3
Maurer WAR 55.2
Posey needs 11.9 in WAR to catch Maurer.
The median hof catcher at his age had a WAR of 47.1, other position players higher.

PS: There are 9 active position players ahead of Posey in WAR - Pujois, Trout, Cano, Cabrera, Votto, Longoria, Betts, Goldscmdt, Mccutchon and Gardener is tied.
Torre, who also was a successful manager, and Munson, who had his career cut short, have higher WAR than Posey.

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