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Re: Harrisburg Senators - AA (2021)
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Now that the Hagerstown Suns are no more, Harrisburg is the closest minor league team to me. We drove up a few weeks ago and walked around the ballpark, and it looks pretty nice. It’s a beautiful location on the island in the middle of the river. The access in and out looked pretty easy, and it looked like there was plenty of parking.

Anyone ever been there? Any tips or tricks as to best seating, decent concessions, things to look for, etc. We’ll probably take in a game sometime this month.

We went several times, as far back as 2011, when we went hoping to see this phenom named Bryce Harper. A great place.

Seats are great and inexpensive. My favorites were right behind the dugouts. You can see the expressions on the young players' faces as they come in from the field. Best of all: just behind the Senators' dugout. I remember watching Steven Souza tear home to score, a ferocious look. Thought, hey, this guy can handle MLB.

Food is not close to Nats Park level, nor Griffith Stadium level. Last time we went, the hot dogs were undercooked. Eat before the game.

Field, as mentioned, is beautiful. On an island in the Susquehanna. You can park on the island or park in Harrisburg along the river. There is a walking bridge from the city over to the island. Amusements on the island as well as the stadium.