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Re: Harrisburg Senators - AA (2021)
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Now that the Hagerstown Suns are no more, Harrisburg is the closest minor league team to me. We drove up a few weeks ago and walked around the ballpark, and it looks pretty nice. It’s a beautiful location on the island in the middle of the river. The access in and out looked pretty easy, and it looked like there was plenty of parking.

Anyone ever been there? Any tips or tricks as to best seating, decent concessions, things to look for, etc. We’ll probably take in a game sometime this month.

No real tips.  It's a really nice setting, although it can get really buggy mid-summer due to the location mid-river.  The orientation of the park means the sun sets sorta behind 1B, so I'd avoid the stands behind the LF wall for games during which the sun sets.  I don't recall it being much of an issue when sitting on the 3B line though.