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Re: Roster Moves - 2021
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Mark Zuckerman
Lineup hasn't officially been announced yet, but Martinez says Lucroy is indeed catching, Stevenson in left field, Hernan Perez at second base. Davey on constructing the lineup: "It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Who is playing short stop I wonder?   Poor Kieboom can't even get in the lineup when they've lost half their infielders.

Edit: Oh nevermind, I missed Trea is on that lineup.  Well, that helps.  I wonder what is up with him:

Jesse Dougherty
Dave Martinez says that Trea Turner wasn't available to work out yesterday. Did not specify exactly why that was. Martinez said Turner's "spit tests" kept coming back negative but sounds like he wasn't cleared to be on the field Monday.