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Re: The Former Nationals Watch (2021)
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He's one of the main reasons the Nats didn't make the post season in 2018.  He was nothing more than an innings eater in 2017.  Gio retired (thankfully) and Roark should follow right behind him.

He had an ERA of 4.34 in 2018 and made 30 starts.  He was fourth on the team in WAR.  Most teams would kill for that out of a #4 starter, which he was. 

The problem with the starting pitching on that team was that Strasburg and Hellickson both got hurt and that there was nobody behind them, resulting in a not-ready Fedde pitching too much.  Then there was the horrendous bullpen, Murphy and Kendrick getting hurt, the black hole of Wieters behind the plate, and giving 450+ plate appearances to Wilmer Difo and nearly 400 to MAT.  With all that, that team was lucky to finish above .500 and only did so because of Soto's arrival and emergence.