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Re: The Former Nationals Watch (2021)
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Hearn was a flier. Lopez popped in a way no one expected. Like the Eaton trade, it was a win now move. Melancon wasn't the reason we lost the NLDS.

And I have no idea what metric you place Kela above Melancon, but we'll have to agree to disagree. Melancon was definitely in 2016 a better player than Kela ever was or has been. If you mean in 2018, Kela was better than Melancon, then yes. Melancon was pretty average in 2018. But during a win now move in 2016 you run risk in a few years you'd wish the players were reversed.

I don't think the Pirate got trash. Not trying to say that. They had other offers on the table and definitely saw value in Lopez and Hearn on their timeline or they wouldn't have taken the Nats offer. I'm just laughing there was reporting it would take Lucas Giolito and the eventual haul was much less.

When the Pirates acquired Kela, he was a better player than Melancon was after they traded him - Melancon had essentially two decent months with the Nats and then went into the tank on a huge contract with the Giants.  Same logic you just applied: he was much better on their timelines; flipping Hearn for Kela was a lot better than Melancon at that point, especially given what Melancon was getting paid then.   I'm with you on the Giolito ask, but sprewing crap like that is often a useful way to start negotiations.