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Re: The Former Nationals Watch (2021)
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The Melancon trade, the Doolittle/Madsen deal, and the Eaton deal are why we regard the Nats pitching development so negatively.   Rivero (Sanchez), Hearn, Luzardo, Treinen, Dunning, Lopez, and Giolito are or have all been major leaguers, one is already a Cy Young contender while another is regarded as a #1 level arm, and there are two guys who have had stretches as premium, all-star caliber closers.  I'm not arguing any of those were deals that provided zero help to the Nats, but they reveal perhaps a flaw in our self-scouting.  Imagine if Fedde had been included instead of Treinen?  I think it's a stretch to say Fedde instead of Giolito or Luzardo, who I suspect both Rizzo and the opponent GMs knew was higher end than Fedde or Romero (if he was around), but it is hard for me to imagine all these guys would have been busts under our minor league development system.
I'm currently raging on "The Farm" about the Nationals minor leagues.

For almost a decade, some posters, me included, claimed Nationals lack of home grown pitching was due to Rizzo tossing out midlevel guys in win now trade. The current farm system garbage is just poor scouting, poor development, everything. It's embarrassing.

For the record, I would go back today and doing the Doolittle/Madson and Melancon trades again today. We made them both during win now seasons. And the Doolittle trade he was cost controlled for a few years and did play a part in a Championship. But that still doesn't excuse our trash minor league system past few years, excluding Soto being a gift from the baseball gods.