Author Topic: Shirley Povich tells the story of Washington baseball through 1953  (Read 84 times)

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My knowledge of Washington baseball history began with this book, Shirley Povich's history of the Senators, originally published in 1954. One of the treats is his summary of the early professional teams, sometimes named the "Potomacs" and sometimes the "Nationals", beginning about 1870. Note Povich, P.6, "The hub of baseball in Washington for a twenty year span that carried into the late eighties was Mike Scanlon's Ninth Street poolroom, and Scanlon was the organizing force behind Washington teams."

I once searched for Scanlon in the electronic archives of the Post, and found an obituary saying that Scanlon had died in the late 1920's. If so, then Povich might have met him, and might have gotten some of the 19th Century info directly from Scanlon. Anyway, here is a link to a reprint of the book, which every Washington baseball fan should own: