Author Topic: how are you handling your 2021 tickets?  (Read 2921 times)

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Re: how are you handling your 2021 tickets?
« Reply #150: April 02, 2021, 10:26:22 AM »
Some good news from my ticket rep.  I had some concern about the warning language regarding splitting up seats in a pod when you forward them.  There's some sort of warning that tickets could be invalidated if pod integrity is not maintained.  My rep said that this is mainly to prevent tickets from being resold individually.  They are trying to ensure that the folks in a pod know each other and are comfortable together.  You can forward tickets via the ballpark app to another couple you are going to a game with and not risk losing the tickets. This looks like it is designed to stop something I sometimes would do during normal times, which is to claim 4 seats to a game on my plan and sell 2 of them on stubhub.  That sort of splitting of the pod would result in the tickets being invalidated.