Author Topic: how are you handling your 2021 tickets?  (Read 2933 times)

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Re: how are you handling your 2021 tickets?
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I wonder how the Nats are going to handle this situation.  I assume they are going to do whatever it takes to ensure that people who had tickets to tonight's Opening Day game will still be able to go to the first game (whenever it is played).  So, if they end up playing the game on Saturday, does that mean that the people who have Thursday tickets can go and the people who had Saturday tickets will get postponed to a different date?  Or, would they consider a double-header?  But that also presents problems.  I don't think they'd do a split-doubleheader in these Covid times and have 10k people crossing paths.  So that would mean that one group (I assume the Thursday ticket holders) could stay for both games.  Ugh, what a mess!