Author Topic: how are you handling your 2021 tickets?  (Read 2929 times)

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Re: how are you handling your 2021 tickets?
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And just like that, I have four tickets in my App. My faith in humanity is almost restored. Next questions...

1. Should I split the tickets up to my friends or just all meet in a group and scan them on my phone? Does that become problematic for bathroom runs?

[/size]I read the fine print and it seemed to read that splitting up the pod would invalidate the entire pod’s tickets. I had forwarded them to friends for convenience but recalled out of caution. I hope I didn’t screw myself for tomorrow. I’ll be chatting with my ticket rep in the future for further clarification. For now though, I’ll be linking up with friends outside the park and going in together.
[/size][size=78%]Anyone know if the bullpen is going to be open?[/size]