Author Topic: how are you handling your 2021 tickets?  (Read 7899 times)

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Re: how are you handling your 2021 tickets?
« Reply #125: March 27, 2021, 04:39:34 PM »
We paid $5,528.40 for our four tickets in Section A, Row H (splitting the cost four ways). The seller came off the pricing approximately $1,000 per ticket over the last week. It was cheaper than my World Series ticket for Game 1 in Houston... well worth it IMO as I'm probably not making too many more games in the near future with twins on the way.

The way I look at it... it's a bucket list item - and my one game for the year. Pricey... for sure. I complained too much on here about the politics in DC to be shutout from this game. Now if I can get the ticket app to work on my phone, I'll feel a little bit better about the purchase. Go Nats...
I hope the wife will see the wisdom of getting you out of the house as soon as your kids are old enough to go on the flight to DC with daddy.