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They used Thunderstruck before that IIRC, but yeah, that is a good pick for the most Nats-specific song ever. Just hearing that makes me miss the park more than ever.

They definitely used Thunderstruck in conjunction with it. I just can't remember which they played first. I always associated Join, or Die with the 'get back to your seat, it's game time,' and I remember Thunderstuck when already seated, so I -think- they played it after Join, or Die and the video that went with it. Either way, when they quit opening the games that way, my attendance started to crater. Before, you could only get that at the park. It didn't make the broadcast and you couldn't experience it if you weren't there.

Now, nothing special happens. There's not the same push to be at the park in an age where I can DVR the game and fast forward through commercials and 20s of dead time while batters adjust their gloves and Zimmerman fixes his cup. I don't know -why- his cup has issues every single time he raises his arms and wiggles his wrists, but it clearly does.