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Re: So, I got the COVID
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I had a mild case in December. It was very mild and lasted about a week. If I didn't lose my sense of smell and learn that I had been exposed, I wouldn't have thought it was COVID.

Once it was over I had extreme fatigue/exhaustion for about a month that came and went. That was weirder and harder to deal with for me than the primary virus or whatever. Apparently this is common.

Be well, friend!

Thanks so much for the kind words.  I think the worst I have had so far is one night of chills, maybe for an hour or so.  Some soreness and a weird shooting pain in my jaw.  Otherwise, nothing at all.  I am assuming the worst is yet to come.  Maybe the fatigue you mentioned.  It seems to be hitting my wife hardest of all.  She lost smell/taste, has fevers and severe congestion.  She is also run down - very fatigued.  Still, things could be much worse. 
Glad you are over it, and thanks again for the info.