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Re: So, I got the COVID
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I had it early on and if most are symptom free you are fortunate. I did lose my sense of small and taste but gained it back after I was discharged. Bluestreak is a physician and I would guess he knows more about the onset of symptoms. Fatigue is an ongoing result and it can take quite awhile to regain your energy level. Invest in an oxi meter to measure your oxygen level. It should be at least 95. Also take your  temps frequently and anything over 102 is worrisome. Good luck for a quick recovery. Also look into donating convalescent plasma at the Red Cross before you get vaccinated.

Thanks for the info, and I will keep vigilant.  Unfortunately I can not donate blood or plasma due to some of the places Uncle Sam has seen fit to send me. The Red Cross won't take it.  I don't even pass their initial survey. 
Glad you are better.  Thanks again for sharing.