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Re: So, I got the COVID
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Days 8-10 after symptom onset are typically the worst. If you can check your 02 sats I’d do it daily or if you feel bad. But it’s so variable. So it’s hard to say.
Thanks so much.  I am not sure what day I am on, as I was surprised to learn that I had it. 
My son had a slight fever and some stomach discomfort and out of an abundance of caution, my wife took him to get tested - to satisfy his school COVID protocol more than anything else.  Both my son and my wife were positive, so I got tested the next day, and of course I came back positive as well.
So far nothing to note, but I do remember last week, some soreness in my calves and shoulders after a workout that shouldn't have made me tired...also a weird shooting pain in my jaw of all places.  Maybe is was connected to COVID, maybe not. 
Thanks again for the info.