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Re: Hank Aaron Dies
« Topic Start: January 22, 2021, 03:31:19 PM »
Willie Mays (.302), Jimmy Foxx (.325),  Rogers Hornsby (.358). Hornsby, Foxx and Mays had better OPS than Aaron (1.010, 1.038 and .941 vs. .928).
HRs: Aaron 755, Mays 660, Foxx 534, Hornsby 301.
And maybe Josh Gibson (reportedly OPS 1.127 in Negro League, second only to Babe Ruth among all hitters, though records are very incomplete).
I wasn't sure Gibson was a righty because FG doesn't have Negro League stats yet I checked very quick.  Aaron had a .305 BA so he edged out Mays.  Foxx of course has to be in the conversation.  As for Nap, that's a good one.