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Re: Soccer 2020-21 (A/K/A Futbol)
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From tonight's final round of European Qualifiers...Wales drew 1 - 1 with Belgium to secure a home play-off. Finland lost 0 -2 to France - as Ukraine defeated Bosnia 2 - 0 they leap-frog the Finns into the play-off spot. Finland continue their record of never having qualified for a World Cup. The Netherlands secured their place with a  2 - 0 victory over Norway - Norway miss out as Turkey defeated Montenegro 2 - 1, so Turkey go into the play-offs.

So the Netherlands are added to the list of European qualifying teams.

In the play-offs the seeded (home) teams are Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Russia, Sweden and Wales. The unseeded (away) teams are Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic and North Macedonia. The draw is at 16:00 GMT on Friday 26th November.