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Re: Soccer 2020-21 (A/K/A Futbol)
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Contrary to what HS is saying, nobody expects the US to win the World Cup. That would be insane. But what is reasonable would be a quarterfinal run or, if things go really well, a semifinal run. The US made it to the quarters in 2002, so it’s not crazy. Semifinals tends to be where the upstart teams tend to flame out.
The other problem is that unless the US is one of the seeded teams, they will almost by necessity be in a group of death. Since they are typically one of the strongest teams in their pot.
I’m excited to see how they do. I’m under no delusions, but should be fun.
It beats watching Michael Bradley out there year after year. I would say with the age of the top talents 2026 would be even more interesting.