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Re: NBA 2020-21
« Topic Start: January 09, 2021, 10:41:39 AM »
I'm not a fan of the NBA, but Mark Jackson is such a great commentator that I'll listen to a broadcast just because of him.

It's funny. I think the emergence of these incredibly mobile and multi-skilled big men and the freer-flowing positions have made the game much more interesting than it was for about 25 years.  The rosters of assemble a big 3 and put your big 3 against mine, battle of the mastadons underneath, and who cares because the dominant superstar wins got too routine.  I'm loving watching guys like Giannis, bigs on the wings, and unbelievable range now. Pace is much better too.   I get frustrated a bit by too many 3s, and the "who does LeBron want to play with" goes against team loyalty for a fanbase, but the game is a terrific product.