Author Topic: Hagerstown Suns No Longer A Nats Affiliate  (Read 233 times)

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Re: Hagerstown Suns No Longer A Nats Affiliate
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“In an email that was sent to season ticket holders, received by WDVM, the Hagerstown Suns say the Washington Nationals did not renew their affiliation with the ball club. In the email received by WDVM, it was noted that this would end 40 years of Hagerstown Suns baseball.”

It's  true that the Nationals didn't renew their agreement with Hagerstown,  but it's also true that the agreement between MLB and the  Minors was not renewed. So, a month ago,  there were no affiliation agreements anywhere.

I think Hagerstown is on the chopping block, but so is Frederick,  and about 40 other MILB teams as the plan is for each MLB team to have 4 and only 4 minor league teams. There were 162 teams in 2019, 2021 will have 120.