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Aaron Barrett - Movie Star!
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Not sure if this deserves it's own thread, but there is a movie documentary in the works on the Bear!

If you thought Nationals pitcher Aaron Barrett’s comeback story was the stuff of movies, you were right. Barrett — who basically snapped his arm in half, suffering a broken humerus that would threaten his career, sanity and everyday life over a grueling three-year rehab — will be the subject of an upcoming documentary.

“It’s surreal and very humbling,” Barrett told The Athletic Thursday in a telephone interview after agreeing to a minor league deal to return to the Nationals in 2021. “I have seen so many documentaries during the pandemic, and how popular ‘The Last Dance’ was. So, to even wrap my head around a documentary being about me is very, very surreal.”

The guy behind the camera makes it even more impressive. Director Jeff Unay, best known for his involvement in Hollywood movies “King Kong” and “Avatar” as well as the 2017 documentary “The Cage Fighter” (which was his directorial debut) is the one sharing Barrett’s story. While Nationals fans know Barrett’s comeback story and the video of his first big league appearance back in 2019 was one of baseball’s best feel-good moments, Barrett says there are plenty of details left to divulge. The 32-year-old right-hander, who was working his way back from a torn UCL that required Tommy John surgery when he suffered the humerus fracture, also hopes the film reaches beyond baseball fans.

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Re: Aaron Barrett - Movie Star!
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