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Re: 2021 Minor League Season
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Both stadiums are of the early 90s variety. I haven’t been in the Wilmington stadium, which appears to be downtownish (I normally like going to my league stadiums within a day drive, but their Baltimore-riffic crime numbers as disincentivized night games, and 95 is such a zoo on the weekends). I’ve seen it from an Amtrak jaunt (passes close enough that you can partially see inside the stadium) and it looks fine; looks like it’s right off of 95. This article mentions recent upgrades:

Frederick’s is like most of those of that era with the open sightlines from the concourse, and it’s very near 270 and 70. Good atmosphere, I remember decent attendance when I’ve been there. (They shake keys during rallies.) i’m a little surprised that Bowie — which came along around the same time — hasn’t surfaced in any of the discussions.
Have driven past the Wilmington stadium but never been in it. It’s close to 95. I assume one could make it in and out without being robbed.