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Re: Sinclair/Diamond Sports bankruptcy watch
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I think the big independents like YES and NESN more or less rise and fall on the strength of their teams.  FWIW, NESN double its viewership from 2020 this year.  As for MASN, wouldn't it be hysterical if the Nats ended up with one of the better deals (relative to the 16 teams getting nothing).
Ratings are not overly significant.   Ad revenues are in the 7 digit range, while carriage fees are 9 digits.  The contracts are all complicated, but generally speaking the team owned RSNs should have a softer fall as cable subscribers decline.   NESN might go from 200 million-180-160.. etc.     A Sinclair station might be committed to paying a baseball team 70 million/year and a hockey team 40 million, and see their carriage revenue go from 140 mill-120-100-80 and it suddenly makes no sense to stay in business.