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Re: Sinclair/Diamond Sports bankruptcy watch
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I can't speak for UMD, but Sinclair has a history of forcing it's regional stations to push non-factual information. This isn't the politics subsection, so no need to get into it, but they are very strongly pushing a conservative bias.
Even ignoring their political stance, they are a rather painful company to deal with when they own your local stations.   They are probably the most aggressive of the station owners in terms of getting their channels blacked out on cable/sat/etc by trying to push for every last cent of carriage fees they can get passed on to their customers.  They thought they could leverage owning both RSNs and networks to get even more money from these carriage fees, but the cable/sat/streaming operators mostly called their bluff.   They are also usually the last stations to go with new tech like HDTV, tv anywhere logins, and pack their feeds with subchannels that kill the picture quality of their main feeds.