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Re: Sinclair/Diamond Sports bankruptcy watch
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Pretty interesting article.  Manfred pretty much saying the Sinclair direct to consumer will not happen.    Sinclair's bankruptcy seems more imminent than ever.   

The MLB is going to head into the CBA negotiations with a very real possibility that 16 of their teams won't have RSN money coming in next year.   This article has a list of where all the team's local TV contracts are:

16 on Sinclair, and 7 are on AT&T or NBC who are actively trying to get rid of their sports networks.   The independents will continue to bring in declining revenue for now, but have to wonder what our MASN cut looks like if half the teams lose their TV contracts.

Baseball is going to have a huge challenge to navigate CBA turmoil and loss of local TV money while still reeling from pandemic losses.   Thinks might not look so different than Brockmire's dystopian final season in just a couple years.