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Re: Sinclair/Diamond Sports bankruptcy watch
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Why did Sinclair get into the market at all?  Why did they buy the sportsnets?  Was there a plausible argument that they were being undervalued?  Was it a prestige thing to be perceived as a big boy network (like Fox did when it got into the NFL years ago)?

people thought sports were going the only value proposition in live tv. That may be correct, but it doesn't translate to overpriced local tv rights necessarily being a good idea. Now that the streaming services are just not paying their rights fees, it's coming to a head. It started with sling dropping sports and some networks- that's why I went to YouTube tv, but they dropped the RSNs too. I'm with hulu now because of youtube's price hike, and I'm happy they are dropping RSNs rather than raise prices. I think the streaming services understand that it's much easier for consumers to jump ship than with traditional cable- a $5 a month price hike may send a streamer to a competitor since the switch over takes about 10 minutes whereas a cable customer with grumble but probably endure it because getting new cable service is a pain in the ass if its even possible.