Author Topic: I wanna like Michael A Taylor Appreciation Thread (split from 2020-21 Offseason)  (Read 245 times)

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Re: Re: 2020-21 Offseason
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The Nats thought he was worth keeping around last year at $3.325MM.  There may be a market for him around $2- 3 MM, depending on the situation.  He's a complementary piece on a good team because he has a few high end skills (defense, speed, and some pop).  You could see a team with a lot of hitting maybe value his D more than a team that needs O out of centerfield.  But I'm with you in that he'll look for the most playing time even though he's best suited as an extra piece.

Wasn't that figure due to arbitration? And he was in the minors for most of 2019. I always thought it was a waste of money and they were hoping that he could have replicated 2017 in 2018.