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Re: 2020 MLB Playoffs
« Reply #575: October 28, 2020, 08:39:48 AM »

So Cash doesnt have the worst decision of the night
so sick that he's next to Roberts.  Isn't Roberts < 5 years from his lymphoma diagnosis?

Edit - checked wiki - 10 years.

then there's this:
Roberts called Dodgers head athletic trainer Neil Rampe, who called Dr. John Plosay, one of the team’s physicians. The manager was told his cancer history would not increase his risk for severe illness from COVID-19, Roberts’ nine cancer-free annual PET scans since 2012 and his excellent overall health working in his favor.

“I asked [the doctor] if I were to go back, does that put me in any different [risk] category, and he said absolutely not,” Roberts said. “He didn’t really give me any details, and I didn’t really ask.”