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Re: The future of the minor leagues
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I think those are (mostly) as logical as what MLB is likely to come up with.  Going back to three AAA leagues in particular makes a lot of sense.  Neither of these fixes the problem with AA's geographical distribution.  The problem is that there just aren't enough teams west of the Rockies to have every level there (especially if you kill the Pioneer and further reduce the Northwest, even while turning into either A or A+). 

But I gotta give it to the second guy - he sure was projecting some personal fantasies and lack of perspective there.

I do think he took some weird leaps.  He put affiliates for Baltimore and Philadelphia, two of the more (currently) geographically condensed organizations, in the Midwest League; can't see either going for that.  I also thought his swapping entire leagues between High A and Low A was a little aggressive when I first read it, though reportedly it has been discussed by the negotiators. 

I came across a SF Giants podcast a few weeks ago that had JJ Cooper from Baseball America as a guest, and he discussed the lack of close options for West Coast teams.  He said that, despite MLB planning to turn the NW League into full season and "strongly encouraging" West Coast teams to affiliate there, there are some teams that are fine with the distance (he mentioned specifically Dodgers-Great Lakes, Padres-Fort Wayne, and Giants-Augusta). 

So while getting teams into better geographic fits is a nice little goal, I don't know if it's really worth the effort.  And having an East Coast team house a Triple-A team with your MLB depth in Fresno isn't quite the same as having a Low-A team across the country, so AAA geography should be the real priority.  After that, I would say facilities standards and in-league travel should be the focus rather than getting them as close as possible to parent clubs.