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Re: The future of the minor leagues
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It's definitely going to be a challenge.  We could see some pretty drastic changes, with teams and maybe entire leagues changing levels, and leagues getting split up.  From a Nationals perspective, the early rumor was Fresno being demoted to the California League, and the PCL dropping down to ten teams.

I know in the past people have wondered why the Nats don't just stick their AAA team in Richmond, only to be told it really wasn't that easy to make happen.  This time around, though, it could be a possibility.  The old rules won't apply when the current MLB/MiLB agreement expires in a few weeks.

Here are some scenarios I've found.  Not sure I see these as completely logical, but they do give a sense of what we could see:

Johns Hopkins (I believe these are the folks who typically create MiLB schedules):

Don't know who this is, but I liked some of his ideas:

I think those are (mostly) as logical as what MLB is likely to come up with.  Going back to three AAA leagues in particular makes a lot of sense.  Neither of these fixes the problem with AA's geographical distribution.  The problem is that there just aren't enough teams west of the Rockies to have every level there (especially if you kill the Pioneer and further reduce the Northwest, even while turning into either A or A+). 

But I gotta give it to the second guy - he sure was projecting some personal fantasies and lack of perspective there.