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If your teams were doing better you would have a different point of view. It does look like it will be difficult for both to finish the season.

This made me think of if the Nats had “won“ and “repeated“ in a “season” with:

- 37% of a normal regular season slate played

- games started well into July after spring training was halted and question marks for a season persisted (also, the opt-out factor)

- game dynamics dramatically altered (and pressure arguably turned down) as far as absence of fan presence and ambiance, especially down the “stretch”

- pacing of a normal season and playoffs as affected by canceled series (Marlins and Cardinals especially) and neutral sites

- questionable rules changes (particularly the still lamentable three batter rule and starting a guy at second in extras)

- massively expanded playoff format, which along with economic uncertainties and the questionable franchise and fan value of winning a “title“ in this “season“ affected the trading deadline in the amount of teams willing to go for it versus the off-season

- optics and priorities displayed of letting a Black Sox-riffic title from 2017 stand as well as letting the full complement of players compete for a piece of metal – – with a losing record to boot

In such a case, I don’t know that I could look back on a 2020 title without seeing elements of authenticity lacking as to what preceded it. It would’ve been nice for the players, but I don’t think too many were likely put out by not doing better as much as not having an opportunity for a victory lap with the fans and to repeat in circumstances that mirrored last year.